50 years ago today, a US-backed coup d’état kickstarted a 21-year-long military dictatorship in Brazil.

Picture #1 displays a student being chased by the military police. This has become an iconic photography representing anti-democratic reppression in the period.

Picture #2 shows Vladmir Herzog, journalist and professor, member of the Brazilian Communist Party. He is clearly seen to have been tortured to death, although military authorities reported suicide.

Picture #3 shows Dilma Roussef, the current president of Brazil, under questioning by the military court. They are seen covering their faces. She participated in the anti-dictatorship guerrilla movement, suppressed during the 1970s.

Picture #4: protesters hold a banner with the first verse of the most famous protest samba from the period, “Apesar de você" by Chico Buarque.

Picture #5: Rio, 2012. Tagging on the sidewalk says “Here lives a torturer”, showing that the country still struggles to account for violations of human rights during the regime.

In Picture #6,the memorable military dictatorship slogan: Brazil - love it or leave it.

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